Ben was your average Canadian, working in Toronto and working the 9-5 life. Although he was happy, he knew something was missing. It wasn’t until a surf trip to Nicaragua in 2007 that he realized what it was.

Now,  he wants to share with others all the reasons he fell in love with this country: the adventure, the world class surfing, and the culture. It took some time to make the dream a reality, but We Stay Lost was born.

Not only is Ben the mind behind We Stay Lost and everything it stands for, but he’ll also be your one on one guide over the course of your trip. Let us show you the side of Nicaragua that made him starry-eyed all those years ago. 

He also personally designs and develops all of the gear and threads we have, working with Nicaraguan artists, to create unique goods.

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call that a life.”

- Robin Sharma

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