Unknown Nicaragua

I’ve been coming down to Nicaragua for the past 10 years, and have now lived here, permanently, for just over a year now. I meet people all the time, and of course Nicaragua tends to be the main topic of conversation. People are always curious about why I made the move to Nicaragua, and of course, they follow that up with the question “do you feel safe?”

I’ve travelled through almost all of Central America, to explore the unknown, chase amazing surf, the endless summer, and a life of board shorts and bikinis. I’ve gotten myself into some pretty sticky situations along the way, surfing with a crocodile, laying in bed worrying a drug dealer is going to come in the room and execute us by machete because my bunkmate ripped him off, almost drowning, hearing of multiple people being robbed by machete on the walk I took to get to surf everyday, and I could go on. I also used to live in the city of Toronto for over 10 years. I Could definitely make a list that would be much longer, while living there, of situations I would have much rather not been a part of, ending in blood spilled. But, I digress. The point I’m trying to make, is that in the last year, and combination of probably another year spent in Nicaragua, over the 10 years of returning, I’ve always felt the safest here. Given, I don’t tend to put myself in situations that would get me into too much trouble, but I’m no saint, and I love to push the limits on my moto and in the surf.

I decided to hit up google and see just how safe it is. I found that it’s actually the safest country in Central America, and one of the safest in Latin America, according to United Nations Development Program. So, now you know it’s legit. I’m just one person though. There are tons of people coming down these days, to discover Nicaragua, learn to surf, explore all of the volcanoes and many other amazing sights, and others like me that just never want to leave. Come find out for yourself.

Benjamin Powlesland

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