Genesis of We Stay Lost

Every one of my friends, and anyone that I chat with about We Stay Lost, always has something to say about the name. Sometimes it’s a joke, sometimes it’s a compliment, but the majority of the time, it’s questions. The most common one, being; “how did you come up with the name?”.


A little less than 2 years ago, I was sitting in an office building, staring out the window at a flat, waveless lake(Lake Ontario), wishing and hoping for waves. Yes, there are waves in Lake Ontario that you can surf, but, once you’ve surfed real waves, in warm water, in the real Ocean, there’s no comparison to shitty lake wind swell. I know some friends that surf the lakes are going to be pissed, but they all know it’s true. Anyway, I was wondering when I would be back in the ocean again, surfing. I always knew I would move to the ocean one day, and be able to surf everyday, but that was when I realized it was finally time to act on it. I hated my job and had no strings on me. It was time to sell everything and follow this so called “dream life” I’d been talking about for the past 10 years. So I sold it all.


I got down to Nicaragua in April 2017, with a few friends that were looking for a shorter-term getaway, and figured they’d come along. The four of us rented a house that was way too small, and we were two people to each of the two double beds, but it was a stones throw to the beach, so we were happy. Many bottles of rum, lots of connect the mosquito bite dots games, and a few pillow fights/personal space issue disagreements later, we were all hanging out on our patio chatting about what my plans were down here and we started spit-balling a bunch of ideas, about everything. I started writing down all the keywords that stuck out, and had relevance to what I wanted it to be. Escape, explore, surf, getaway, Lost, adventure, lifestyle, Nicaragua, motorcycles, friends, vacation, alternative, etc, etc……………


We finally came to a few final words; We and Stay and Lost. When we got them in the right order, it was just way too obvious that that was it. Everything came together after that and became very clear.



Benjamin Powlesland

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