Escaping Reality

There’s a difference between “escaping reality” and chasing a dream. When I talk to some people, they tend to assume that if you’ve left your home for a tropical destination or somewhere that is strange and different, to them, that you’re running from the “real world”. Of course, everyone has demons they run from, but there’s a difference when you’re actually chasing a dream that you’ve had rolling around upstairs for over 10 years. I think people don’t realize that you still have to pay bills, rent, get a job, or create work to support yourself. The reality is, is that there’s still all of those things everywhere, unless you’re independently wealthy and can retire. Stress does still exist, but it seems a little more manageable when you’re in a place you love, doing what you love.


There are definitely people around me that may be running from something, and in some cases, the law. But, in most cases, it’s people that are truly doing what they have always wanted to, and had the balls to make the move to leave everything that is “normal”, behind. That’s what I love. Being around those people that are so like-minded, doing the same thing that I love. I imagine, if everyone could surround themselves with that, we might have a little more of a sense of community than what’s been created around us in large cities. With all of the craziness that’s happening in politics, and the world’s weather getting crazier and crazier, maybe we’ll see a shift happen in the way people get together and help eachother. We just had a very serious tropical storm hit here in Nicaragua, and it’s been amazing seeing everyone drop everything and help wherever they could. Maybe, eventually we’ll start seeing people act more like a community, without a natural disaster being the cause. At least I hope so.


If you want to help out with relief funds down here, you can donate to Or, better yet, come down and check it out for yourself.



Benjamin Powlesland

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